Stephanie Garber in Sheffield

Like you might know Stephanie Garber is the author of CARAVALBook that is as close to magic like you can be in our world. It is really fast read and a great story!

Caraval is a performance that takes place only once a year and lasts for a week, where the audience participates in the show.

Caraval is Magic. Mystery. Adventure.’

You must remember that no matter what it is just a game…or is it? Find out on your own if you still didn’t reach for this book. 🙂

Stephanie Garber was on a tour in USA as well as in UK. I had the pleasure to met her in Sheffield (23rd of February) where she was signing her books. When I first found out that she is going to be only one hour of travel from the place where I currently live I was so excited. I counted days and all. (I did also spam on twitter about it which I apologize for later but Stephanie Garber did not mind.)

But when the day came going there was not as easy as I thought. The weather guys, If you’re at UK you should know something about it! The wind was as a lover that did not want to let you go even for a second! It was kind of a sacrifice to actually show up in Waterstones that day. But I was desperate to get there, and not only me. 🙂 Attendance maybe was not as amazing as you would think but like I said… the weather 🙁 (I hope that I will not get ill after that day) but also it was really early because 12.30PM when most of the people have work or school. Like me, that at the time should be somewhere else…Guilty! But I would not forgive myself if I would miss it!

Yep, that’s me on the right with Stephanie Garber! Am I cool now? No? OK 🙁 😉

It was just a minute of conversation when I was fangirling too much (I couldn’t help it, really)  Stephanie Garber is so sweet, nice warm-hearted person. Talking with her was an amazing experience. I was also a little greedy and asked to sign not one but two books. She said that she will sign as many books as people would give her to sign!

Look, even her signature is beautiful! I had an amazing time in Sheffield and after the book signing, I bought myself two new books!
I hope that in future it will be more book signing in UK that I can also attend to but I know for sure that this one I would never forget.
Now all I can do is to wait for the second book of the Caraval. I need more magic in my life ASAP but I’m willing to wait for it because I know it will be worth it!

Thank you, Stephanie Garber!

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