Infographic & Books

You might not know what ‘infographic‘ means, but there’s a big chance you’ve seen more than one in your life.

Infographic is a visualisation of data or knowledge. It is really useful for people that remember more when they are looking at something rather than only reading a page of text.

We can find all kind of infographic online or even in our handbooks. For my blog, I decide to focus on an infographic that fits the most for my blog… So not surprise it’s going to be about books.

There is so many information that we have no idea of. It takes not even a minute to look at the infographic and learn new amazing things about the topic you’re interested in.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania infographic books

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania infographic books

Like you can notice, that’s not the truth that young people don’t read. I have my part in that 88 %. The thing is I do not read only one book a year.  I already read 9 books this year and it’s just the middle of February.

For the second picture, It’s amusing what people are reading and I am not any special, I also read Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and Twilight.


What interesting fact did you learn from infographic? 

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