Me in three pictures

It is not easy to describe myself in only three pictures. How to fit in that all the craziness, habits and behavior that makes me…well, me?
If you end up visiting my blog it should not be a surprise that the first photo that I will show you is actually my very own old bookshelf that I had back in Poland. There is no reason why there are only books by Cassandra Clare but still, I love her writing so I guess she deserves to be there.

I would not be the same without books in my life. They made me who I am. There is my favorite quote by George R. R.Martin ‘ A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only on’. I want to live as many lives as I can.



I am who I am also because the city that I spend 19 years of my life in. Łódź have a really special place in my heart. Most people find it ugly when I can not think that my city is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth even when it’s not perfect but which city is?

I have bad memories along with the good ones, but every single thing that happened has taught me something. It still hurts to be so far away from my friend, my family, and dog.

If you would ever visit Łódź or Poland I encourage you to let me know and I might talk with you about best places to visit there.





I am a dog person but I adore all animals almost as much as books.   Just so you know when I say ‘all’ I mean all. One time I cried while watching when someone was killing a skunk on TV.

In my lifetime I had already three dogs:

The first one was bitten by his first owners. He was old and had a hard time to trust someone again but he trusted me. I loved him and I miss him.

The second turns out to be really sick. He had the problem with the liver. I was trying my best and I was cooking for him because he could eat only cooked dishes.

On the photo is my last dog, a lady this time, Saba that stayed with my dad in Poland.

In the UK I live with my boyfriend. He has two dogs. Molly and Lilly that I love so much.


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