What’s the deal with rich media?

Why do we even need rich media in out lives?
How rich media works?
How to use rich media? etc.

So my dear readers when our wold is going forward with every second we need to adapt.
People are looking for the most innovative websites to follow.
They are searching for the most appealing appearance for their taste.
So you need to stand out and catch up with what they may like.
Rich media makes it all easier for you because connecting to other social media or even adding photos in 360° make your blog look professional and interesting. You’ve got more chance for people to visit your blog.


I will try to tell you what I did to find my way in using rich media.

At the beginning, it might seem hard to do. First thing is that you need to train to do it on the program that is the easiest to use yet it still looks professional. For me, the story started with Thinkglink. You can click  ‘ThinkgLink’

If you decided that you would like to use ThingLink then ‘Instruction‘ may be useful for you, because I had the most struggle with putting tagged image into my blog posts. Turns out that all I needed to do was actually read a little for me to find it easy.

If you would want to do amazing timelines as your rich media then Tiki-Tok is something that you might want to visit.

I guess that were the most important information. If you wish to follow me on Twitter, Goodreads or Pinterest I encourage you to also click the right dot on the picture below to be able to visit the website. It is also an example of rich media in use. For other example click ‘Rich Media’.

It is an example how rich media are useful for me. Because my blog is about books I try to connect books that I am talking about with amazon where people interesting in a concrete book can order it.

Rich Media might be also handy If you want people to visit for example your twitter. Like here we are talking about LTUMediaFest with @therobynmason. So we are giving you easy opportunity to follow us by just clicking into names on the photo. But If you are interested in conversation with me or my friend, or maybe you are just curious about Media Fest itself we are happy to help you. Just use #bookwormsMF


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