Romance in YA fantasy

To celebrate upcoming Valentine’s Day I’ve got something special for you!
In this post, I will share with you – My top 3 YA fantasy series with the best love interests in them. Most of the series are finished, so I tried to talk about cannon ships only, but some of my pairings might not end up together!
Please remember that just because I mentioned a book that does not mean the love is taking lead in the story.
I want to add that I will only talk about the romantic relationships If I would want to talk about families or friendships I will need to make another post.

Let’s Go! 🙂

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses  A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas.  – Feyre & Rhysand 

Sorry for what I did there, ACOTAR, of course, is a good book but I like to think that it is just a get-into-the-story kind of thing. Some people might ship them since ACOTAR but I guess that big part will start somewhere in the beginning or the middle of ACOMAF.

Feyre and Rhysand are my ultimate ship. I can’t even describe how much I love them together. Rhysand is the definition of perfect partner. He is always putting her needs above his own. He understands that she is not weak and supports her decision. He is giving her exactly what she needs. Feyre is taking longer to truly accept her feelings towards him but she would not do less for him that he would for her.


2. Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan – Percy & Annabeth, Piper & Jason, Hazel & Frank aaand not part of the seven Nico & Will 

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I did mention HOO even when it is a spin-off series and not Percy Jackson and the Olympians because in HOO there is definitely more shipping going on!
Still, the first book I ever read for pleasure was Percy Jackson and he is the half of my firs ever ship!

Let’s keep it short
Percy & Annabeth – They are both amazing. She is the smart one in the relationship but both would go to hell and back for each other. 😉

Piper & Jason – Piper is my queen. I kind of ship her a little with Annabeth or Reyna but I am cool with brotp too. Don’t get me wrong I love Piper and I love Jason as well. I ship them so hard! It is nice that I also have taste for the good guys with rules not necessary a bad boy type.

Hazel & Frank  – Both really adorable. If I would choose two really cute people that should be together… That’s them, folks!

Nico & Will – Son of Hades with son of Apollo? Yes, please! I live for the small pieces of them in the Trials of Apollo.


3. I would like to say Six of Crows but I don’t want to say the same books over and over again.


3.  The Shadowhunters Chronicles by Cassandra Clare – Magnus & Alec, Will & Tessa, Cecily & Gabriel, Emma & Julian etc.

(Honestly, there are so many books and so many different versions of covers so I will just put the original one of The Infernal Devices because in the timeline of events in the books this series is first. Still, you should read them in the order they were published!)

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The Mortal Instruments: 

Magnus share with Alec a special bond and I think that most people are shipping them. I am always happy to read something new about them!  They came the long way. Magnus is immortal downworlder and Alec a shadowhunter, shy I might add. Them both being together was one of the best things that happened in The Mortal Instruments series.

Jace and Simon Clary – When I was reading  TMI they were my biggest ship at the time. I just was really into Jace. I guess he is as handsome because of the genes 😉 Ending book one, and the whole book two was painful but then we get to the City of Glass!

Simon and Izzy – At the beginning, I had mixed feeling but they really have grown on me. I love Izzy she is confident, beautiful, it is actually nice to see her with someone like Simon, more calm but brave.

The Infernal Devices:

Gabriel and Cecily –  Ok, some of you (there is a chance that most of you) that read TID might not see them as the best couple there was but I love them! They were for a really long time my favourite OTP from the Shadowhunters Chronicles. I don’t even remember how many times I read their parts in Clockwork Princess!
It might be my thing that I like relationships that start with a dislike of one another and then BOOM! True love! I rate them 5 😉

Will and Tessa –  Will is in my TOP 5 of male characters from YA fantasy! It’s something about Herondales. He changed a lot since book one and It was nice to see him changing. I adore the fact that Wessa is a ship with readers on it! They love books as much as they love each other! Relationship goals 😉

Tessa and Jem – I start to ship them later, like in different series. I can see now that Tessa had met not one but true loves of her life.

The Dark Artifices:

Emma and Julian – Oh, reading TDA hurts. I am looking forward what will happen. They care about each other so much, but they are parabatai and parabatai can’t fall in love.

I will stop with ships in that point. I am torn with who I ship Mark the most, he is just so shippable!
I am also curious about Kitty 😉





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