TOP 5 unhyped YA book series

I probably shouldn’t but most of the times I read what is popular in the BookTube world… Guilty! But I am not a lost case since I am also reading unhyped books and series. Actually, I can read anything as long as it will end up in my hands (but that is not a rule that if I read something, I like it)

1. Benedicts by Joss Stirling 

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Maybe I am wrong, maybe people were talking about those books but I didn’t hear about it, not even once. So, here I am talking about this series with you, my wonderful readers! I think that Finding Sky is sweet and adventure story about finding your soulmates.
Yep, it is just simply as that. There are people with super powers and when they do find their soulmate they know it! They are even looking for it, sometimes all their lives.
In the first book, we’ve got Sky, English girl moving to the USA,. A guy that can read her mind and talk to her in his thoughts.

I read this book a while ago but let me tell you Sky and Zed are a ship!

2. Night School  by C. J. Daugherty 

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Yaaaaas! I loved this series soooo much! Allie is amazing! Reading the first book you may think that in any second there’s going to come up a warewolf or any other creature but no…. that’s no the case.

Allie is a ‘troubled teenager’ and is send to boarding school for kids of important people in England. (yeah, I always had a thing about England and hey, look at me, I am studying in the UK) There is a group of ‘chosen’ students that attends the Nigh School. Find out what it is all about. It is sooo worth it.  I think that is the only book when I was changing all the time my mind about which guy should the main character ends up with. (There was only two of them but all that happens in the book!)

3. The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter

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At first, I was really skeptical about this book because 1. I am not really into zombies and 2.The title sounded weird for me.

Ali Bell is amazing and strong female character. In the beginning of the book, she lost her parents because of zombie? Yep, and that is just beginning because things are getting even messier especially when she change school (3 book series in a row, wow now, I see the pattern) and see him, the bad boy type, but in this story, Ali is not a typical good girl so lets the fun begin!

4. The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa 

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This time it is not a story about the girl that is new in school… This time it is a story about the daughter of Oberyn, the Summer Fay King. Meghan ends up in Fey world while trying to save her half-brother that was kidnapped.
Summer and Winter Courts are not friends what will happen if Winter Prince will try to kill Meghan? Is it a chance that he will change his mind?

I honestly love the first 3 books! Everything is magic! You might think that there was a hype about this series but it is now forgotten so I don’t feel bad about mentioning it in here!

5. Bloodlines by  Richelle Mead 


Bloodlines, I already did a brief review about Bloodlines series in the past.
I place those books in the end because this series was kind of hyped in the past as spin off series of Vampire Academy, but it is not as popular. I found Bloodlines better than VA but maybe that was Adrain’s fault.

BTW guys, DO NOT JUDGE this series by its cover!!! I hate the covers so much. I think that they actually might be the worst cover of all time!

What series in your opinion is unhyped?


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