Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

You can find online almost everything. The crucial part is ‘almost‘. There are still some topics that can be expanded more. For a bookworm like me, I would like to read more about someone’s perspective about the books I truly adore.

One of the most unappreciated book series of all time is Bloodlines. It might be the case that cover as really ugly. Like, trust me they are one of the worst covers I own.
This series might not be as popular also because this is actually a spin-off series for Vampire Academy and when someone hears the V word most people judge it without even knowing the story. Like ‘Uh oh, Twilight, no thank you!’. I can’t even count on the fingers on my hands how many times I heard that comment. Just because the book has vampires in it that don’t mean they are shining!
I love Bloodlines because this story is not about Look Vampires, blood, dangerous romance, love at first sight, etc.
I love this series because it does not focus about bloodsuckers but about family, friendship, commitment and of course there is romance but not the instant one. It is more like slowly burning one and then in the middle we’ve got the explosion.

Bloodlines is told from two different’s points of view.

The main protagonist is Sydney- She is alchemist with a gold lily tattoo on her cheek. Sydney is a human knowing about vampires. Her work is to make sure normal people are not aware of vampires presents. A good alchemist would never have a warm feeling about vampires, that would be the biggest crime. In the past series Vampire Academy, we have a first look at Sydney. She is smart, uptight, hard worker, all about the rules. Coffee addict, car, cat, history lover that in her free time she likes to study, her family is at the first place but maybe do not include her dad at that sentence. After all he treats her daughter more as tools than children.
Sydney is also at the beginning of her journey scared of being even near vampires or damphires, but to help get the justice she helped Rose and get into trouble because of that.
Now she need redeem herself. She is sent to take care od Jill, a Moroi princess (no she is not wearing a crown! She is like a normal teenage girl) Sydney, Jill, Eddy, and Adrian are sent to Palmspring. To take care of the princess Syndey needs to live in one room with Jill while pretending to be a student. For Sydney is this a fight with herself. After all, she is scared of Jill no matter that she is harmless. Sydney also knows that she can’t afford to be friends with the girl. For a behaviour like that alchemist are send to a re-education centre, and believe me, you don’t want to know what is happening inside!

I admire Sydney as a person. She is real for me. I re-read this series (or at least the first 3 books) so many times that I know many quotes by heart.

On the other side, we’ve got Adrian. He is a Moroi – good type of vampire that doesn’t kill anybody (only Strigoi are into slashing) He has the power of spirit. Which sooner or later is about to make him crazy. He doesn’t want to get mad (surprise, surprise) so to stop that he’s drinking, smoking and changing girls like gloves. Adrian also is finding himself in art.

His life is one big party. Till something happens and he can’t do it anymore, but it is so hard to stop. At the beginning, he is not happy to be in Palmsprings. He feels like he is in a cage. He is also older than the rest so at least he doesn’t need to pretend to be a student.

In book, one everything is as normal as it can be while guarding a moroi princess. Then something happens. Someone in Palmspring is selling moroi’s blood. Sydney needs to solve the mystery who is behind it.
Adrian, not rally being a hero from time to time is there to help.

Eddy is damphir, swear to die in the defense of Jill and also a person that is hard to not like, Sydney, is doomed to like her new crew.

I would love to talk more, yet I do not want to spoil it for people that are planning to read this amazing series.

My ultimate favourite book in this series is The Indigo Spell, and I know, I know, I told you guys that romance is not the most important but SYDRIAN is my ship. I was obsessed with them for years now and I am not gonna stop that easily. The 3rd book gave my the best kind of fangirl feels!

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