Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

I need to talk about the Crooked Kingdom so badly! I would encourage you to leave a reply about your thought towards this book so we can discuss it together!

Why do you guys say that, anyway? No mouners, no funerals? Why not just say good luck or be safe?’
‘We like to keep our expectations low.’

Leigh Bardugo (@LBardugo) one more time is showing us how talented she is and how breathtaking her writing style is.
I am completely under her spell. I rated Crooked Kingdom 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and if I could I would rate this book even higher. I already know that this book will be in my TOP 5 of 2017. I am sad that I need to let go of those amazing characters.
The problem with the good book is when you end it so you’ve got no idea what to do next with your life. I am not ready to leave that story behind, part of it will be forever with me. Some characters don’t need to be heroes to teach you something. Here we have 6 wonderful but not perfect characters with their own problems that somehow are making amazing crew that together is unstoppable.
While reading Crooked Kingdom you’ve got a feeling like you would be on a rollercoaster. There are parts when you laugh and the one to cry as well. I felt all kind of emotions while reading this book. I highly recommend it! It is a must-read for everyone! Seriously read it so we could talk about it. I need someone to fangirl with!

If you did not read Six of Crows (I already mention this book in my previous post ) I would recommend you to came back here after reading this amazing book!

Action in Crooked Kingdom starts right after the end of the first book. Inej is being hold hostage. Nina fights effects of the parem with Matthias by her side. Jesper no longer is able to look at Wylan’s stupid face 😉 and Kaz… hmm.. Kaz has a plan. (Like he always does) Plan to get the money and save his Wraith, but how? It is not going to be an easy task, after all, there are wanted dead or alive?

If you read The Grisha Trilogy you will find characters from that series in this one as well.
The best thing about this book is that we’ve got action all the time and every part of the book has it purpose. When you will start you would not be able to put the book down. Reading Crooked Kingdom is addicting.

If you want to stay be aware of spoilers! 

Are you ready for the mess of my thought about this book? Enjoy.

Let me talk about ships! Ships everywhere. Wylan & Jesper, Nina & Matthias, Inej & Kaz. I could sing ‘Caaaan yoooou feeeel theeee loooove tooonight?’  There were cute moments everywhere. My heart melted. I can’t decide where to start.
But we should not forget about the amazing bond they all shared. There are more relationships than the OTPs. I especially loved to see Nina and Inej interacting as well as Wylan and Kaz or Jesper and Matthias. Of course, there is also Kuwei add to the story to make it even more interesting.

Wylan Van Sunshine is one of the crew members. He knows the special handshake and all. He’s blushing all the time because of Jesper. Sometimes all I wanted was to shake him so he would finally notice how important he is for Jesper. Seriously, so clueless!

Wylan saving Jespers life and making a joke.

Wylan finding out his mum is alive and Jesper being there for him.

When Jesper and Kaz are fighting and he wants someone to stop them but Nina and Inej are like nah, because they are not using guns or anything.

Wylan being jealous after seeing Jesper and Kuwei sharing a kiss.

When Jesper gave him the painting.

Wylan asking Genya to make him even better-looking.


Come on even Jesper’s dad ship them.

Wylan playing the part and being beaten.

Wylan and his amazing acting skills.

When they all found out Matthias is dead and he was thinking they would all make it. 🙁

Wylan’s words to Kuwei ‘How about I push you in the canal and we see if you know how to swim’. He just couldn’t stand it anymore. Jesper belong with him. End of story

He is also so pure, still good after all that happened. His father was doing an awful thing to him over and over again, like this printing press at his name. I am glad that his mum is alive after all and he can be happy with her and Jesper in his life. He deserves everything that’s best.

The thing about Kaz Brekker is that he would not make a great babysitter. I had a good time reading the part of the book when he and Wylan did break in and that little girl Hanna, noticed them. ‘you must never tell anyone you’ve seen us, especially your da. Because if you do, I’ll slit your mother’s throat and then your father’s, and then I’ll cut out the heart of all these sweet slobbering hounds. I shall save Duke Silverhauch for last so that you will know it’s all your fault.’ Cute Kaz, natural talent with kids, I am speechless. But also what kind of name it is for a dog? Or maybe I was not enough creative when I was naming my own dogs.

Or the part when he is acting like everything is all about getting the money and not about the fact that he is worried about Inej.

When Kaz wants Inej to use a net because he is afraid something might happen to her, yet he’s still pretending that this is all about protecting the investment. 😡

We all need to appreciate Kaz’s patients:

Waiting was the part of the criminal life so many people got wrong. They wanted to act instead of hold fast and gather information. They wanted to know instantly without having to learn. Sometimes the trick to getting the best of a situation was just to wait. If you didn’t like the weather, you didn’t rush into the storm—you waited until it changed. You found a way to keep from getting wet.”

Kaz has like 100 backup plans in his pockets.

When all that Kaz wants is Inej to stay but knowing her past he is silent, letting her do what she is meant to do.

Kaz telling Inej not to follow him if she cares, but if she would not care she would not follow.

Kaz knowing that Inej is there.

Kaz talking with King Nikolai.

There is also Matthias Helvar always gawking at Nina. That moment when he admitted that if he would kiss him, he would give her anything. Shipping them was one of the most awful and beautiful things.

Guys, the character development:

 “Have any of you wondered what I did with all the cash Pekka Rollins gave us?”
“Guns?” asked Jesper.
“Ships?” queried Inej.
“Bombs?” suggested Wylan.
“Political bribes?” offered Nina. They all looked at Matthias. “This is where you tell us how awful we are,” she whispered.”

Matthias learning what does it mean to play Princess and Barbarian + imagining him as a princess. (too funny picture for not doing it)

The story of his wolf, that he would never hurt him even if he would hurt him.

Matthias encouraging Nina to keep using her new powers. Telling her that they might be a blessing and not a bad luck.

Matthias and the boy…

Matthias being the one to kiss Nina first and not the other way around…

And then that… the part when I was crying my eyes out. He died. I can’t even describe what I was feeling. I was so heartbroken that my boyfriend went to the shop and bought me ice creams.

I hope they will meet again in the next life. They must. It was so emotional when she was trying to bring him back, but it was not exactly him.

Chapter 40 aka the chapter when we know Matthias is in the better place.

Jesper Llewellyn Fahey is all about flirting with Wylan and I love it. In chapter 5 we know how disappointing it was for him not be able to look at Wylan’s real face.

When Jesper’s dad appears in the picture and Wylan lied for him because he knew how important it is for  Jesper what his dad thinks.

When Kuwei is asking why he is staring at Wylan when they both look the same so he could look at him instead.  (Nah, sorry but it would not be the same)

Jesper’s love for revolvers.

When Grisha is not using his power he is getting sick. But Jesper is not sick, oh right because his mum was teaching him how to aim when he was younger.

Jesper seeing Wylan for the first time thought that he had the most perfectly shaped lips he’d ever seen.

Jesper promising Inej that he would try not to make the same mistakes.

Heart to heart conversation with his dad.

The kiss… or more like ‘What the hell?’.  At first I was like something is not quite right but still, I was happy that Jesper and Wylan kissed. But then we found out that it was not Wylan but Kuwei. I was sooo disappointed.

Jesper using Grisha power to make a shot of his life.

When Jesper was forgiven.

Jesper’s dad saying that Wylan is a good lad.

Inej Ghafa, my beautiful warrior. At the beginning of Crooked Kingdom she was a hostage. Away from her crew. 🙁 I was counting pages till they would once again be together. It was breaking my heart when she was thinking that If she would be broken Kaz would not come for her, but he totally would no matter what.

‘I would come for you, I would come for you. And if I couln’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together– knives drawn, pistols blazing, Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.’

Every story from her past was shattering my heart even more.

Inej first time seeing her shadow.

Inej and Kaz both with a problem to touch each other, fighting their own demons, trying to get closer.

Inej wanting to find a ship.

Inej and Nina knowing that they will see each other again.

Inej and Kaz holding hands! This moment. Yes!

Kaz giving Inej a ship.

Kaz reconnecting Inej with her family.

 Nina Zenik and her chocolate biscuits!  The whole situation with Alys and biscuits was hilarious. I was like ‘Same, Nina, same.’ Not letting anyone into yours cookie stash is the way of living.

Nina negotiating with Kaz to save other Grisha.

Nina’s love for waffles.

Nina and Matthias pretending to be brother and sister.

Nina talking with Zoya.

When she thought that Matthias is with her because of the oath. But he is with her because she is overwhelming and all he wants (not wanted because in my heart he is still alive) is to be overwhelm by her.

The fact that if they would be in Fjerda he would give the cake.

The kiss

Nina being badass with her new powers.

When Nina told that Matthias is better than waffles.

Nina slaying again. She is so awesome. She deserves a happy ending. I do not believe that the end of Crooked Kingdom is the end of her story. I hope that it was just the end of Act I.

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