FairlyLoot – February 2017

I did not expect my Fairyloot box to be at my house so soon. When I found out that the ringing at my door was actually my box I could not stop jumping and smiling. I was so excited. Who would not be? Fairyloot is the first box that I ever subscribe. I knew since then that they would not disappoint me. I always love every single thing that they are putting inside. This box is made for bookworms, so it is perfect for someone like me… or you if you’re on my blog 🙂

I would highly recommend to subscribe and once a month receive this book of treasures 🙂 Of course you can try single purchase but be aware that they selling fast! You don’t need to check everyday for box to be available to buy if you are following @FairyLoot on twitter! They are giving info up to date

Like you can see I was taking pictures of every step of my unboxing. In this post, I want to focus more on photos rather than text. 🙂 Let me know in comments if you like this idea or I should do it differently next time.


Kalusian Sunset Candle by Happy Piranha 

The first thing that I notice was an amazing smelling candle (I am in love, I want to use it because it smells so nice but at the same time it is a fandom thing that I want to keep. The Struggle! 🙁  ), which name I know from the Fairyloot note will make sense for me after reading the book of a month. I already know what book it is and I can’t wait to read it!


Celestial Gunpowder Bath Bomb by Bathing Beauties 

The next thing was bath bomb… I love bath bombs so much that when I notice it then, of course, I needed to grab it!
Guess who will take a wonderful bath this evening? 🙂

Illuminae Coaster by Read At Midnight

I am just after reading Illuminae, and at the moment I am in the middle of Gemina so of course, I was so happy to have this coaster in my fandoms stuff collection!

Space Girl Bookmark by Till and Dill 

I like the fact that I needed to unwrap this bookmark. Even If I had no clue from what fandom it is I still can admire the details and stunning look of this bookmark.

Throne of Glass Art Print by Taratjah

If you read my previous posts you might know how much I love Sarah J. Maas. This art print is my favourite thing in the box! At first, I’ve seen Manon and I was like ‘Is it? Is it from Throne of Glass?’ and then I looked at the other side… Dorian! I love Dorian! DORIAN… (I am not obsessed, he is just my fav male in ToG series, ok?)

Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Keychain from Funko 

I actually forgot to take a photo of my baby Groot because I was playing with him… Good thing that I remembered about him while making this post so I could fix my mistake 🙂
I adore my new keychain!

Rebel of the Sands Pouch by Alisse Courtier 

It looks wonderful but… I did not yet read the book 🙁 I need to catch up with that ASAP.

MyBookmark Discount & Book Sampler 

Those are bonus items, I have a big collection of bookmarks yet I never bought one, maybe it’s a sign that I should?
This sampler looks really cool, I like that it was in the envelope. It adds some mystery to it, also those words on it, I am intrigued.

Aaaand finally the book of the month! 


Fairyloot boxes are amazing because they’re including signed bookplate and letter from the author! It is nice to read a letter and know even a little about what kind of person is the person who wrote it. ALso it always makes me even more curious about the book!

That’s all. Thank you for reading. Leave a reply and tell me what do you think about this box? 🙂

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  1. Fairyloot looks like a wonderful subscription service! I know many services that do not offer much within their boxes but these seem amazing for us bookworms, I’d give it a go myself if I could afford it.

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